Flat Deck Trailer

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Flat deck trailers, in addition to their name ‘flatbed trailers,’ transport equipment or other items as towed vehicles or trailers. The deck is flat and open, without sides or walls. A versatile trailer with this design is ideal for hauling a wide range of items, including oversized or irregularly shaped loads that may not fit within enclosed trailers due to their design. Its open design enables loading and unloading cargo from any direction and securing items using straps, chains, or other means. A flat deck trailer usually has one or more axles, usually with dual wheels on each axle, in order to distribute the cargo’s weight evenly and improve stability during towing. Depending on the size and load capacity of the trailer, the number of axles can vary. GVM ranges between 750kg and 3 tons. We often have tie-down points on our Flat Deck trailers. These points allow for the attachment of straps, chains, or other securing devices to prevent the cargo from shifting during transportation. Flat deck trailers are equipped with lighting and reflectors to ensure visibility and safety on the road. This includes brake lights, turn signals, running lights, and reflective tape. They are an essential tool for businesses and individuals requiring efficient and flexible cargo transportation.
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