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Various types cattle trailers for sale. We are proud to introduce an innovative and versatile cattle trailer that will revolutionize the way you transport your valuable livestock. Our trailers offer a range of features that prioritize safety, convenience, and durability for all your livestock transportation requirements Move your cattle efficiently with ramps, allowing for smooth and stress-free loading and unloading.


We provide stability and protection against accidents during transit and non-slip grids to ensure the welfare of your animals. Separate cattle into different compartments with middle gates, reducing stress and reducing the risk of injury. Even with challenging weather conditions, the structure remains fully galvanized to ensure long-term durability. With this solution, you’re able to enhance the comfort and safety of your livestock while improving your livestock transport experience. Take advantage of this premium livestock trailers and say goodbye to the hassles of cattle transport, knowing that you’re investing in a reliable and durable solution. At Vagabond Trailers, we provide top-tier solutions for your specific livestock transportation needs. Explore our range of cattle trailers for sale today and elevate your cattle management experience. Get your trailer custom-built to enhance your transportation experience. Trailers are SABS approved. Click HERE to view other Sheep & Cattle Trailer Ranges
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