16ft-20ft Boat Trailer

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16ft -20ft Boat Trailers for sale

Boat Trailers for Sale in Cape Town. When it comes to transporting your beloved boat, a custom-built boat trailer is the ultimate solution for ensuring a perfect fit and unmatched protection. What sets this trailer apart is its unique feature: polyethylene-covered skids. Let’s explore how this custom innovation offers unparalleled safety and care for your valuable watercraft. Designing custom-built boat trailers involves precision, and tailoring them to your vessel’s specific dimensions and requirements. Whether you own a sleek speedboat, a fishing rig, or a luxury yacht, we craft every aspect of the trailer to guarantee a snug and secure fit. The polyethylene skids cradle your boat’s hull gently, reducing the risk of scratches, abrasions, or any potential damage during loading, unloading, and transit. This high-density plastic material is renowned for its exceptional durability and low friction properties. Beyond its gentle touch, the polyethylene skids act as a buffer against impacts. Whether you’re navigating a steep boat ramp or dealing with choppy waters during loading, these skids absorb shocks and protect your boat’s hull from any sudden jolts or bumps. Custom-built boat trailers come equipped with secure tie-down points, straps, or other securing mechanisms to ensure your boat remains firmly in place during transit. The combination of custom design and polyethylene skids ensures your boat remains secure and stable throughout the journey.With a custom-built trailer, you have the flexibility to add features that suit your specific needs. This can include additional storage options, spare tire mounts, or even personalized finishes to match your boat’s aesthetics. Click HERE to view our other Sizes Boat Trailers for Sale!
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